Iv'e just done a last command and am looking through the results, and came across these two:

pi       pts/0      Tue Feb  4 18:55 - crash  (00:-37)
pi       pts/0      Tue Feb  4 22:42 - down   (00:16)

These ips aren't either of my pis on the network, so i'm guessing they'e my Laptop. The bit i'm interested in is the "crash","down and "pts/o". Could someone please explain what these are?


Here's the first hit I get when I search for this: https://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-newbie-8/when-using-the-last-command-in-linux-what-does-crash-and-down-mean-161464/

According to that link, "down" means a regular logout, and "crash" means that it couldn't find a logout entry so it assumes that it crashed at the given time. Maybe you pulled the power or something.

tty is a terminal, pts is apparently a "pseudoterminal", not sure what that means, but pts/0 is therefore pseudoterminal number zero. Also, man last is your friend.

Maybe try -d as a parameter to last to get it to show the hostname for, otherwise use something like ifconfig on your laptop to confirm that it has that IP address.

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