I have installed Fern wifi cracker, it's a python file called "execute.py", I opened the "Main Menu Editor" app, that lets you add apps in the menu bar on the top of the screen. I selected the "New item" button and filled out the box like this:

Name:     fern
Command:  python3 /path/to/script/execute.py
Comment:  N/A

And I put the "Launch in terminal?" box checked.

I then tested it by opening that icon/file in the menu on the desktop and I get this error.

enter image description here

From this 2 y/o video I found, what I am doing should work, but it doesn't.

I do recall messing around in the settings where I set my default launch terminal as something else, but it's a vague memory.

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I've figured it out.

Just add "x-terminal-emulator -e " then your command and it'll open a terminal and run the command.

Name:     fern
Command:  x-terminal-emulator -e python3 /path/to/script/execute.py
Comment:  N/A

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