I've built a basic web platform that will log data through HTTP GET requests anytime the following URL is hit: http://desolate-spire-6651.herokuapp.com/temperature_reading/save?temperature=70.5 My original goal was to do this with a Twine, but unfortunately it's currently broken.

In the meantime, I'd like to know how to send temperature data with a Raspberry Pi to my web platform through an HTTP GET request. Please note that I do not want to store or log the data on the Pi, I simply want the PI to send data to my web platform. Any suggestions?

  • While this isn't off-topic (as it is regarding the data being set from a Pi) this might get more attention and better answers on Stack Overflow, which is a Programming-centered Stack Exchange. You can keep this question here, but I think it might be better on Stack Overflow. Feb 27, 2014 at 14:11

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wget or curl will do what you want. e.g.

wget http://desolate-spire-6651.herokuapp.com/temperature_reading/save?temperature=${temperature}

This would also be pretty simple to do in Python, especially if you are already reading the temperature in a Python program. The Python "requests" module is perfect for this; a short quick tutorial is available at:


Or thousands of other places, as a web search will show.

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