I got my raspberry pi couple of days back and am looking to use my laptop for display, mouse and keyboard, I have heard that, it is possible through installing VNC server in Raspberry pi.

Can anyone please post a complete procedure for doing it and also frequently encountered problems while installing.

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To control your RaspberryPI through VNC using another computer do this:

Inside the RaspberryPi:

Install x11vnc:

$ sudo apt-get install x11vnc

Then, execute x11vnc as follow to assign a password that must be used when connecting to your VNC server:

$ x11vnc -storepasswd
Enter VNC password: 
Verify password:    
Write password to /home/pi/.vnc/passwd?  [y]/n 
Password written to: /home/pi/.vnc/passwd

Inside your other computer:

$ sudo apt-get install x11vnc
$ x11vnc_ssh [email protected]:0

Here should be the IP of your RaspberryPi. This will ask for a password, which is the same you assigned inside your RaspberryPi to the VNC server.

This is the expected result:

Screenshot from RPi + x11vnc

Note: In my case the x11vnc_ssh is too verbose, so much that I couldn't see the password prompt from the server. So I chose to "disable" the stderr like this:

x11vnc_ssh [email protected]:0 2>/dev/null

Hope it helps.


Since Raspbian Pixel came out, it is now recommended to install the official RealVNC server using sudo apt-get install -y realvnc-vnc-server. This is much faster and has much better quality that x11vnc, because RealVNC is the company that made VNC in the first place.

sudo apt-get install tightvnc

Is probably your best bet. You'll need to be able to ssh into it, and this assumes you have the debian build also.

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