My /etc/issue says that I'm working with Debian GNU/Linux 11 on my RPi.

I have enabled IPv6 and I received a Link-local address that was a derivative of the MAC address. After that, I put slaac private in /etc/dhcpcd.conf so that the privacy extension is activated (I took inspiration from this article). After a reboot the Link-local address has changed and I was not able to find similarities with the MAC address anymore (as it should).

My problem is that after a second reboot, I was expecting that the address should have changed again (for privacy's sake) but it remains the same. I have read there that the address should change after unplugging the cable. So I try but when I put the plug back, the address was still the same.

Did I miss something or is there an issue ?

Thank you,


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You have provided no evidence.

slaac private is the default - and extremely annoying IMO as it keeps adding new entries to known_hosts - so I turn it OFF!

NOTE slaac private DOES NOT guarantee that it will change.

What it actually does is "generate Stable Private IPv6 Addresses based from the DUID"

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