I wanted to test the bandwidth over port forwarding via iperf:

  • On the first terminal: ssh myraspberry -R 5001:localhost:5001 -L 5002:localhost:5001
  • On the second terminal: iperf -s
  • On the third terminal: iperf -c localhost -p 5002

iperf -s listens localhost:5001, ssh port forward forwards localhost:5001 to RPi/localhost:5001, and then forwards RPi/localhost:5001 back to localhost:5002 where iperf -c localhost -p 5002 connects to.

In this setup, ssh connection fails when iperf -c ... starts running and advances to its second step of testing (which I assume involves some high data traffic).

How can I prevent such a disconnection by only slowing down the data transfer?


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