I am using an audio amplifier,PAM8302A from adafruit link, to power a 8ohm 1W speaker (small speaker) that is being driven by a raspberry pi pico. The amplifier has A+ for the signal/audio input (not using the A-), and the DC/grnd input pins. (the amp is a class D)

I want to know which pins of the pico should drive the audio+ input of the amplifier and which pins to choose for the DC input to power the amplifier. For the audio output from the pico is it any of the GP pins? Then for the powering of the amplifier is it GP pin or is it maybe the 3V3(OUT) or some other pin? And to power the amp is that pin programmed to simply be 'on' the whole time by setting the pin to true at all times? (specifically when is the 3V3(OUT) used and when is it not in comparison to the GP pins)

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The Pico doesn't supply power (other than what your PSU may supply).

You can draw a small current from the 3.3V regulator (Max permissible current is 300mA).

If you want to run a high power peripheral YOU need to supply power.

The Pico has no analog output but can produce PWM (although what a PWM amplifier would do with this is unclear).

You would be better to seek something designed for PWM (or other digital signal) input.

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