My pi can't connect to the internet without a dongle. However, the dongle I bought (TP-Link TL-WN823N V3) requires the internet to install its' driver.


I've done my best to read the documentation, but it's rather unclear. Can anyone point me to a single file to download, or a set of commands that don't require the internet?

(https://downloads.fars-robotics.net/wifi-drivers/install-wifi takes too long to load on my pc, but even when it did I couldn't see anything useful)

  • How are you going to download a "single" file onto the Raspberry Pi if it doesn't have an internet connection? The TPLink documentation which you linked to tells you how to download and compile the driver for a Raspberry Pi, you need to follow those instructions. Jan 2 at 18:53
  • 1
    Its a hen or the egg situation. To compile the kernel module you need to download a lot of required dependencies. My suggestion is find a place where you can connect the RPi with Ethernet and do the compilation of the WiFi dongle.
    – MatsK
    Jan 3 at 21:00


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