I have been using an online tutorial, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B8Kr_3xHjqE&t=166s, to display text on a LCD. The LCD can do all the functions except the displaying of text. I know there is a similar issue like this but on the Zero, but this is a microcontroller, not a minicomputer. But, how am I supposed to display the text? Please write your answer in simple beginner terms and explain deeply, as I just got my Pico a few days ago and am completely new to it.

The code for displaying the text:

def test_main(): #Test function for verifying basic functionality print("Running test_main") i2c = I2C(0, sda=machine.Pin(0), scl=machine.Pin(1), freq=400000) lcd = I2cLcd(i2c, I2C_ADDR, I2C_NUM_ROWS, I2C_NUM_COLS) print("Attempting to print It works") lcd.putstr("It Works!") utime.sleep(2) lcd.clear() count = 0 while True: lcd.clear() time = utime.localtime() lcd.putstr("{year:>04d}/{month:>02d}/{day:>02d} {HH:>02d}:{MM:>02d}:{SS:>02d}".format( year=time[0], month=time[1], day=time[2], HH=time[3], MM=time[4], SS=time[5])) if count % 10 == 0: print("Turning cursor on") lcd.show_cursor() if count % 10 == 1: print("Turning cursor off") lcd.hide_cursor() if count % 10 == 2: print("Turning blink cursor on") lcd.blink_cursor_on() if count % 10 == 3: print("Turning blink cursor off") lcd.blink_cursor_off() if count % 10 == 4: print("Turning backlight off") lcd.backlight_off() if count % 10 == 5: print("Turning backlight on") lcd.backlight_on() if count % 10 == 6: print("Turning display off") lcd.display_off() if count % 10 == 7: print("Turning display on") lcd.display_on() if count % 10 == 8: print("Filling display") lcd.clear() string = "" for x in range(32, 32+I2C_NUM_ROWS*I2C_NUM_COLS): string += chr(x) lcd.putstr(string) count += 1 utime.sleep(2)

#if name == "main": test_main()

And, please give your answer in simple words. Thanks!


How I wired it up

I believe the problem has to do with contrast

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All I needed to do was to scew the pentiometer. Thanks anyway for trying to help me! :)

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