I'm trying to get the overall optical magnification of my digital microscope and wondered if the lens built in the Rpicam v2 has any magnification. Does anyone know this specification? Thanks!

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    Have you done any reseache, I can't see that ?
    – MatsK
    Jan 8, 2023 at 18:28
  • perhaps this question IS the research :D Jan 9, 2023 at 5:25

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There is no information, but here is other info you may found helpful:

crop factor is: 9.406
focal length: 28.6 mm (full frame equivalent).

My personal experience show such lens usually have between 1:5 and 1:10 magnification ration (1 on the lens is 5 on the real object). There is relatively simple way to calculate the magnification: put rules under the microscope, make a photo and calculate the size of object on the sensor and real object size.

Here you can find some of the specs of this module sensor.

  • for that, you have to know the size of the camera sensor
    – jsotola
    Jan 10, 2023 at 23:03
  • @jsotola, correct. Added link to specs :) Jan 11, 2023 at 4:12

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