I have a Pi 4 at home, which is wired in to some servos which, via a python script, make hands turn on a clock face, making them point to 'home', 'work', 'school' etc - I think you can see what this is going to end up being.

All the hardware is done, and I can easily pitunnel in, cd to the script directory, and run python3 set_hand.py 0 10, which will set the first hand to 10 degrees.

Problem now is enabling remote access to do this. Is there any way to set up a persistent custom pitunnel which would wrap up such a procedure, ie, do the cd and run the script, when accessed via a protocol which something like a phone running IFTTT can manage?

Any other solution gratefully accepted. I'm hoping to avoid the need to do a custom flask project, set up a webserver etc.

  • Can IFTTT run SSH commands? Please edit your question to add requested information or clarification.
    – Bodo
    Jan 10 at 14:43


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