I'm trying to connect a Raspberry Pi Pico W to my university network using CircuitPython. Our Uni network requires MAC authentication & treats Pis and Picos like they are other devices like a smart speaker. Once MAC is in the database, they can get right into the network, no password required. I've gotten the Pico's MAC address & have authenticated it. It's definitely registered in the Uni's MAC address database. I've updated my settings.toml file so that it has the proper network name as WIFI_SSID & I've entered an empty string as the password. When executing the line below:

wifi.radio.connect(os.getenv('WIFI_SSID'), os.getenv('WIFI_PASSWORD'))

the following error is returned:

ConnectionError: Unknown failure 1

The network seems to be properly recognized because if I change the WIFI_SSID to an incorrect network name, I get an error saying that network couldn't be found. I suspect it's a problem with the password. I've tried passing in None for the password but I get the same error. I also get the same error if I try making the call without the password parameter. For context: I have been able to use Raspberry Pi computers (e.g. Pi Zero, 3A+) on this network with similar MAC registration by modifying the wpa_supplicants.conf file with this snippet:


I'm at BostonCollege, USA. So my network definitely works with these sorts of devices when no password is required. I just can't figure out how to get CircuitPython to work on this kind of network. I've gone through the docs at this page: https://docs.circuitpython.org/en/latest/shared-bindings/wifi/index.html but it's not clear to me what, if any, changes I need to make to the call to get onto the network that's already got the device MAC authenticated. Thanks for advice / ideas / solutions!


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