My Pi is 2B Rev1.1

  • I connected HC-08 Bluetooth module on pin8,10.

  • I use Raspberry Pi OS.

  • In /boot/configuration.txt

  • In /boot/cmdline.txt

    console=tty1 root=PATUUID=e77fdc5c-02 rootfstype=ext4 fsck.repair=yes root wait quiet splash Plymouth.ignore-serial-serialconsoles
  • I upgraded the Pi with the command sudo apt update &&sudo apt upgrade

  • I installed bluez with the command sudo apt install bluetooth pi-bluetooth bluez blueman

  • I checked bluetooth status with the command sudo systemctl status bluetooth.service. It shows Active:Inactive(dead).

  • Then I try to use sudo modprobe btusb to get the service up. It shows Active:active(running)

  • I use command bluetoothctl. There is no device found.

  • After further research. I found the following command sudo systemctl status hciuart.service. It shows Active:active(dead).

  • And raspberrypi systemd[1]:condition check resulted in configure Bluetooth Modems connected by UART being skipped

  • After further research, I tried to use the command sudo systemctl hciattach /dev/serial0 bcm43xx 115200. It shows bcm43xx_init Initialization timeout

  • I tried different parameters and still failed to get this done successfully.

So far I am focusing on the error message from hciuart.service. I am trying to figure out what caused the skip.

I am new to the kernel thing. Any help is appreciated.

  • "btusb" would enable a bluetooth USB device, no? "pins 8 and 10" are not a USB device - can you specify exactly what you connected to each pin - I suspect you connected RX to RX and TX to TX - a common rookie mistake Jan 16 at 3:05
  • An HC-08 module will not be recognised by the RPi as a Bluetooth device and doesn't use the Bluetooth software stack used by the on-board Bluetooth on later RPi models. The HC-0* Bluetooth UART Communication Modules work as bridges between the serial communication on the pins of the RPi to Bluetooth over the air. You need a serial library to read/write to the HC-08 device. For example PySerial in Python.
    – ukBaz
    Jan 16 at 6:51
  • @Jaromanda X I was confused about the command to bring bluetooth up too. But btusb worked. Pin8(GPIO14,UART0_TXD)<->RXD on HC-08 module,Pin10(GPIO15,UART0_RXD)<-> TXD on HC-08 module.
    – Daniel
    Jan 17 at 4:18
  • @ukBaz I do not know this. This sounds make sense to me. That maybe the reason it is skipped.I will study Pyserial first. I have another question if this is true, if i use my smart phone to pair with HC-08 module it should work and can pair successfully,right?
    – Daniel
    Jan 17 at 4:19
  • 1
    @ukBaz - Please use the answer section for answers, and not the comment section. Jan 17 at 9:42


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