I am currently looking to connect my Fire TV Stick and Echo Show 5 to my Soundbar that has only optical port, Line in Aux and no HDMI ! It also has inbuilt Bluetooth 5.0 !

Mostly I am looking for help in what’s the best way to connect fire Tv to Soundbar !

Fire TV stick (audio source) -> Bluetooth -> Soundbar DAC -> Soundbar Amp -> Soundbar Speakers.


Fire TV stick (audio source) -> Bluetooth -> Pi - HifiBerry Digi plus -> Soundbar DAC (soundbar connected via optical link to HifiBerry card) -> Soundbar Amp -> Soundbar Speakers.

The second setup gives me an added advantage that I can use my Pi as a Bluetooth receiver so I can setup my echo (however echo doesn’t need it as sound bar has inbuilt Bluetooth). However I can use my Pi for multiroom music setup and also get lossless audio through squeezelite / airplay apart from using it as an audio receiver for my fire Tv .

But does too many hops using a Pi beat the sound quality coming from fire TV ?


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