I am currently having issues addressing my WS2812B LED-strip correctly with my RPi 3 A+. I have followed the following video guide: https://forum.core-electronics.com.au/t/problems-addresing-ws2812b-led-strip-with-raspberry-pi/16167

When I am trying to address my LED-strip (GPIO 18), something goes wrong:

  • The individual LED’s lights up, but in random colors.
  • Running the same script twice will sometimes lead to different, but still random, patterns.

My dad has a RPi 4 where I just took the SD-card from my RPi 3 A+ and used the same setup and it worked with absolutely no problems.

So why is this? I am running the same script from the same operating systems, the same power supply (both strip and Pi), and so on...

From what I have read, there is no difference between pins on an RPI 3 and 4.

Details: I’m using python with packages board and neopixel.

Thank you in advance! \Mads


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