I want to add 4 INMP441 digital MEMS microphones to the GPIO pins of Raspberry pi 4 to perform sound source localisation.

Here's a reference link to the mic: https://robu.in/product/inmp441-mems-high-precision-omnidirectional-microphone-module-i2s/?gclid=CjwKCAiAioifBhAXEiwApzCztoUeo5VuBrtSFQYbl6_9TnM_MW8JvmZ6-p_USflxKZf5BR87sbBx8hoCw7gQAvD_BwE

Questions in particular:

  1. The mics have a pin named WS. What does it do & where to connect that?
  2. I have to record 4 individual audios. So, should I connect all the SDAs together or connect them seperately? Same question for SCLs
  3. The mics also have L/R selectors, Should I make them L & R according to the placement or can I keep them all in one mode?

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This is not an answer to your question, but you may find some of the information helpful in your research:

There are at least 264 Q&As here re I2S. Start with that, and narrow the list. For example, here are two: 1, 2.

Wrt the RPi4 hardware in particular, see the BCM2711 ARM Peripherals documentation; Chap 7. Please do a bit of research first, and then edit your question.

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