I had an idea for a raspberry pi project, but i need some more info first.

I looked a bit but i didn't see anything about it, what connector type does the display (ribbon cable) connector use, and what protocol goes over it? I saw some micro-HDMI to ribbon cable adapters that would work good for me but i need to know which one would be appropriate to get and if it would even work. Thanks in advance.

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The 'display (ribbon cable) port' is a DSI (Display Serial Interface) screen connection.

No you cannot simply use an hdmi to DSI ribbon cable adapter.

Quotes below from: https://www.seeedstudio.com/blog/2020/06/03/hdmi-micro-hdmi-vs-dsi-raspberry-pi-4-display-connectors-m/

What is DSI?

DSI stands for Display Serial Interface and it defines a high-speed serial interface between a host processor and a display module. It is often called as MIPI DSI (mobile industry processor interface display serial interface) because MIPI is the standard. However, DSI displays are purpose-built for specific devices, unlike HDMI. DSI interface is widely used in mobile phones, laptops, wearables, and various other devices.

What is HDMI?

HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface and it a connector and cable which has the ability to transmit both high-quality audio and video between devices. Also, the information sent over HDMI is uncompressed digital data, and this makes it possible for HDMI to transmit video signals at 4K resolution.

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