I tried to upload a folder on my Raspberry Pi using Cyberduck SFTP, this has ALWAYS worked for me, but now it doesn´t I have no idea why. Thank you in advance. Cyberduck

  • what folder are you trying to upload to (full path) and what user are you using to connect? – Steve Robillard Mar 4 '14 at 10:57
  • /Users/USERNAME/Desktop/world via SFTP to /home/pi/minecraft and the user is the standart user (pi) – user13272 Mar 4 '14 at 10:59
  • I used this method many times and it worked, but now it is something wrong with the read/write rights – user13272 Mar 4 '14 at 11:03
  • I also tried different network filemanagers (Cyberduck and ForkLift) – user13272 Mar 4 '14 at 11:08
  • file:/Users/USERNAME/Desktop/world -> sftp:// – user13272 Mar 4 '14 at 11:14

What is the output of executing this (on the Pi)?

ls -l /home/pi/minecraft

If the folder is, e.g., owned root and not world writable, regular users cannot place anything there.

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  • -bash: s: command not found – user13272 Mar 4 '14 at 11:30
  • I think you missed the 'l' in 'ls' – developius Mar 4 '14 at 11:31
  • ok, now the output is: total 0 – user13272 Mar 4 '14 at 11:37
  • Ok! Sorry, do: 'ls -l /home/pi | grep minecraft' without the quotes obviously! – developius Mar 4 '14 at 11:40
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    The minecraft folder is owned by root, which means regular users can't do anything to it. Execute "sudo chown pi:pi ~/minecraft" to fix. – Fred Mar 4 '14 at 16:27

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