Is it possible to have Picamera2 trigger a flash when taking a picture?

In an older version of my project I used a v2 camera module. I got flash working by creating a device overlay to define the flash GPIO and then setting flash_mode to on or auto for my PiCamera instance.

Now I have a v3 camera module and I'm trying to use Picamera2, but I can't find a flash-related setting to enable. It's the same with libcamera-still.

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In the Raspberry Pi forums I was informed that this is not currently possible. I'm doing a sort-of work around by turning the LED on and off in code via GPIO. Basically I import LED from gpio, create an LED for the GPIO where the flash is attached, and then turn the LED on and off at the appropriate times.

Anyone who could use built-in support in Picamera2 should comment on the Github issue I opened about this.

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