I have a circuit block (Let's name it as block A) with a set of GPIO pins. The HIGH state of these GPIOs are 3v. I have a motor bridge that requires 5v input to set its (motor bridge's) GPIO to HIGH.

What I am trying is, when the GPIO pin in block A is HIGH, make the motor bridge's GPIO pin HIGH as well. When I connect the two pins directly (block A pin to motor bridges pin) motor bridge circuit did not detect the pin as HIGH. However, when I give 5v input to the bridge's GPIO pin it works. And I know block A GPIO's are only outputting 3v (when set to HIGH).

So how can I solve this? Do I need to use something like a step-up transformer or use a transistor as a switch?

Is there a simple way to solve this?

Appreciate your thoughts.

EDIT: (Additional info) I have a 5V power supply to the motor bridge circuit. That can be used if required.



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