I own a Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W and a micro sd card reader usually used with arduino. Is it possible to connect them using spi? My sd card reader is the following: Micro SD card reader

Thank you for the help!

  • What is the name of break-out board? May 9, 2023 at 11:04

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It should be possible.

I used one with an Arduino, but they use SPI and serial transfer so are rather slow compared to the sdio on the inbuilt card.

I am unsure if there is inbuilt filesystem support - you would have to try.

There are a number of posts on using external SD Card readers but I haven't looked for years.

There is a dtoverlay which should work (I haven't tried) dtoverlay -h sdio will list "documentation"

It certainly wouldn't hurt to try - you can't damage anything.

In practice I use a USB SD Card reader when I want to mount an external SD Card which is much easier.

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