I am looking to do the following and am wondering what approach to use:

  1. Trigger a DSLR into taking a 1080p video for a specified duration or start/stop
  2. Remove the video file from the DSLR onto the RPI SD card

Basically I have two things to do here, remote trigger and remote transfer. I have found some ways to trigger video recording but am not sure about the transfer - which made me wonder if someone else has solved this already.


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The MagPi, issue 6 (read: back in the olden days), had an article about the Camera Pi. It integrates a Pi in the battery grip of a Canon DSLR.

The camera's trigger is done via the shutter release port from a GPIO pin of the Pi. This also allows waking up from sleep modes (which could supposedly not be done via USB and gphoto). Readout of the captured image/video files is done via USB.

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