How to tether the Internet from an RPi ZERO-W through a USB cable?

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Is this what you are talking about? Raspberry Pi Zero Internet connection through USB

  • Actually, I'd like to connect the RPi to the Internet through WiFi, and the RPi would tether the Internet to (let's say) a notebook through one of its USB ports. In other words, it's the other way around to what they teach in the article.
    – 42piratas
    Jun 29 at 18:37
  • And on that notebook. What available ports do you have? More specifically what is that notebook you are talking about?
    – papatrexas
    Jul 1 at 17:44
  • Using the RPi Zero 2W as a portable router, I'd like to provide Internet (which the Zero connects to through WiFi) to a MacBook, which has only USB-C ports. I could, of course use an adaptor USBC-ETH on the Mac side.
    – 42piratas
    Jul 2 at 0:25

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