Hey I now tried to figure out a solution for 3 weeks but now I am about to give up.

I want to connect my pi to the school network via LAN. The network infrastructure is very unusual but I was able to set up a connection on Android, iOS, OSX, Windows xp-7, Ubuntu and several other distributions, but on raspbian, I am just totally lost. Basic things about the network (lets say, the school name is school.ac:

Hostname (server name is s8.school.ac, you get if you ping it)
Port        80
DNS suffix  school.ac

When I set DHCP to connect to the LAN, I can ping servers. APT is not possible and the browser does not work, either.

The network/its proxy requires login to work so what I was trying is to set the credentials in the proxy host name in Midori: http:// user:pass@school.ac:80. Both user and pass only consist of lowercase letters and numbers.

On DHCP, when trying to access a page, it loads for ages if the address is valid and a download prompt is showing up, if I want to Open or download the file '' with the filetype '' that has, after saving, the content '' (so basically, a complete empty file without name or extension). I played around with taking other servers as proxies in combination with other (valid) usernames and password and a message like this pops up http://www.linglom.com/images/security/ISA/Customize-HTML-Error-Messages/1.png , but with 407 error code (authentication). I set up the /etc/bash.bashrc and the /etc/apt/apt.conf to use atp, but there, I get a 407, too.

If the address that I type into the browser is not valid (e.g. www.rertr.tr), that "This page cannot be displayed" shows up; this time with a 502 (gateway).. DNS???

So I manually entered the network details and DNS servers in the /etc/network/interfaces but now, whenever I type an address (valid or invalid doesn't matter) in the browser, the IIS7 splash comes up (http://www.biomedixincubator.com/welcome.png).

I hope there is some one out there willing to help me as I feel totally stupid right now. I guess it won't be very useful to give you guys my confs as I changed them now over 30 times and the results are equal/similar. I can't see any relation to anything in this situation, but just in case, here is the current state:

Acquire::http::Proxy "http: //user:pass@s8:80";
Acquire::ftp::Proxy "http: //user:pass@s8:80";

auto lo eth0
iface lo inet loopback
iface eth0 inet static
dns-nameservers #the nameservers made no difference; i didn't know they are in resolv.conf

domain school.ac
search school.ac
#server tried different things, but taken off as the browser couldn't resolve the names any longer (threw the error page directly instead of trying to load the page all day)
  • Should there be a space between http and : in the Acquire line? – Fred Mar 11 '14 at 8:00
  • I will try tomorrow if that changes anything. – user2161301 Mar 17 '14 at 12:27

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