Since I don't usually have physical access to the Pi, and since I don't always operate in linux machines (so I have no ssh by default), then I'm wondering if there exists a basic http tool to just 1)browse, 2)upload and 3)execute files.

The ideal server should be executed with something like:

 server-http --user pi --pass three.1415 --p 8080 --folder ~/media --execute xdg-open

This should tell to the server:

  • to listen to the port 8080 with Basic access authentication
  • to serve the folder ~/media, to serve its file, and let the user upload a file
  • to let the user execute the files. This means that when a file is clicked then the server executes xdg-open filename.

I'm guessing such a tool does not exist yet. However, I know multiple languages and I'm ready to develop the missing components if I find a tool which is close to these specs.

The ideal server should be minimal and in C to be as light as possible.


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    While not explicitly off-topic here, as you are asking to have software that would run fine on a Pi, this might get a better response and better answers over on Stack Overflow as that is a Programming-Specific stack exchange. – RPiAwesomeness Mar 11 '14 at 17:54
  • The 'execute file' bit is a bad idea. Consider finding a portable ssh client instead - I believe there is a Java applet version which can run on any host with Java support in the browser. – Thorbjørn Ravn Andersen May 12 '14 at 6:33

What Ive done is that I installed apache, created a simple PHP file that has buttons and in the back it make exec calls to the scripts. For remote file access on windows I recommend winSCP that allows you to online edit the files using your favorite editor (you can do similar with filezilla but is a bit more tedious).

if you don't want to change the PHP with every new script you add it is fairly easy to create a php file that scans the folder and create html 'buttons' for each script it finds.

If you need directions on that don't hesitate asking.

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    Thanks for the suggestion: I think apache is a bit huge for this purpose. Or do you think it would be lighter than e.g. a web.py server? – Antonio Ragagnin Mar 11 '14 at 9:22
  • I dont know what you wanna do but I have apache on the pi running at the same time than an XBMC (xBian) and I can surf my pages while my gf watch series from the internet and no one notices. I think the trade-off easiness/CPU usage is clearly won by apache :) – javirs Mar 11 '14 at 9:24

I have used Windows Remote Desktop Connection to access the Pi - I get the LXDE screen on my PC, and can use the Pi just as if I was using its own screen and keyboard.

I also use "Map network drive" in Windows Explorer to have the Pi appear as a disk drive on the PC - I've used an editor on the PC to edit files on the Pi, and can easily transfer files between the Pi and the PC.

I also use Putty to provide an SSH connection to the Pi to access the Pi command line.


I made my own little webserver: https://github.com/spocchio/hbue.py

I can just run

python hbue.py --ssl my_certificate.pem --execute xdg-open --credentials 'user:password' --folder /home/pi/data -listen 'localhost:4443'

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