I have purchased my first Raspberry Pi, the Zero W for a media application. The application requires the Pi to play normal 1080p Videos at a reasonable frame rate (anything around 25 - 30 FPS). I have read on several occasions that this should not be a problem on the Zero W. However, with a clean Raspbian Desktop installation, the mp4 Files I have play at around 4 to 5 FPS using VLC Player. I have increased the GPU memory from 64MB to 128MB, but this does not seem to make a difference. I cannot use omxplayer with my current installation because it is not supported anymore in Raspbian Bullseye. Here is a screenshot of the media info of the video file.

Media Info of my video file

What am I missing?

  • Welcome. You could look into recoding the videos; it's (apparently, I have not done it) possible to keep the same frame rate while reducing the actual data bitrate, eg: codecalamity.com/raspberry-pi-hardware-encoding-speed-test See 3rd paragraph about MJPEG streams. You might also recode them as H.264, as I do not think the hardware acceleration applies to .mp4 files.
    – goldilocks
    Jul 23, 2023 at 15:16

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I am new to the Raspberry's world, but some people suggest to increment clock frequency on Pi Zero W from 700 MHz to 1GHz

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Try Raspberry Pi Video Looper.

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