I followed Option 1 (Same Subnet) of this tutorial to turn my Raspberry Pi into a WiFi-to-Ethernet Bridge. It works great, but the router cannot see the device connected behind the bridge as being connected. The IP Address of the Ethernet-connected TV I'm using shows up with the command 'arp -a' ran from my MacBook on the same network, but it is listed as having the same MAC Address as the Raspberry Pi. Is there a simple fix for the router to see the MAC Address of the device behind the bridge?

To sum up: the TV has internet access, but cannot see the other devices on my LAN.

  • Did you follow Option 1 or Option 2 Aug 14 at 6:32
  • @Jaromanda I followed Option 1: Same Subnet
    – cdubs
    Aug 14 at 12:56
  • @Milliways doesn't matter why I'm bridging, question clearly states I've setup a bridge and can't see MAC Addresses.
    – cdubs
    Aug 14 at 12:57


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