In order to use the Raspberry Pi Pico ADC on a pin, the adc_gpio_init function is used, which disables all digital functions (https://www.raspberrypi.com/documentation/pico-sdk/hardware.html#gab15d6e804715935b4e9b5027a2940910).

However, I'd like to both use the ADC (in free-running mode with DMA) and attach a falling-edge interrupt to the same pin. Is something like that possible, or do I have to connect the same signal to two pins?

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My solution ended up being:

gpio_init(26 + CAPTURE_CHANNEL);
gpio_disable_pulls(26 + CAPTURE_CHANNEL);
gpio_set_irq_enabled_with_callback(26 + CAPTURE_CHANNEL, GPIO_IRQ_EDGE_FALL, true, gpio_callback);

This seems to configure the pin as an input without pull-up / pull-down resistors, and leaves both ADC and digital functions enabled.

Any amendments to the answer are welcome.

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