I'm aware I can cross-compile Qt6 on my dev machine or I can build the Qt6 from sources directly on the Rapsberry Pi.

But is there any binary package for the compiler? Like when you use the online installer on a destkop environment?

I'm trying Ubuntu Server on RPi 3 B+

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It is in Debian Bookworm (and will be) in Raspberry Pi OS Bookworm.

I am not sure about Ubuntu - also why would want it on a Server?

NOTE the easy way to find this (or any other package) on your system is apt search qt6

  • The usual qt6* packages are for headers or runtime libraries, aren't they? What is the name for the "kit" (compiler + debugger)?
    – Mark
    Aug 28 at 4:40
  • I'm trying Ubuntu Server because I don't need X (I'd use the framebuffer, like eglfs)
    – Mark
    Aug 28 at 5:21

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