I'm new to RPi. I'm trying to follow the instructions found at: http://xmodulo.com/2013/11/write-raspberry-pi-image-sd-card.html

I've downloaded the zip, extracted it into a temp directory, and now I'm trying to run the dd command like so:

jj@devbox:/$ sudo dd bs=4M if=/tmp/wheesy/2014-01-07-wheezy-raspbian.img=/dev/sdb
dd: opening `/tmp/wheesy/2014-01-07-wheezy-raspbian.img=/dev/sdb': No such file or directory

What I've done so far:

  1. I've tried running "gksudo gparted" to confirm the name of the sd card. From the drop down list, I see that the SD card is called "/dev/sdb". When I select the SD card from the drop down to get details on it, under the Partitions section, I see two lines:

    line 1 - unallocated partition, unallocated file system, size 4MiB

    line 2 - /dev/sdb1, fat32 file system, 3.39GiB

I've tried the dd command using both /dev/sdb and /dev/sdb1.

  1. I've made sure that the SD card is unmounted before I run the dd command. I launch nautilus and right click on the drive... and I ensure that "Mount" is an option. I'm assuming if it is, it means that it's currently unmounted.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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you were missing the of=

sudo dd bs=4M if=/tmp/wheesy/2014-01-07-wheezy-raspbian.img of=/dev/sdb
  • doh! I just tried it and yes, it seems to be getting a little further. Thanks. I'll accept your answer as soon as the site lets me
    – dot
    Commented Mar 13, 2014 at 17:23
  • We've all been there. Good luck
    – Gerben
    Commented Mar 13, 2014 at 17:25
sudo dd bs=4M if=/tmp/wheesy/2014-01-07-wheezy-raspbian.img=/dev/sdb

That should be:

sudo dd bs=4M if=/tmp/wheesy/2014-01-07-wheezy-raspbian.img of=/dev/sdb

The site you linked does have it correctly:

sudo dd bs=4M if=/path/to/image of=/dev/sdc

It's important to pay attention and at least have a look at manual pages (man dd) when you do this stuff so you have a bit of understanding of what's going on.

  • @goldilocks... I misinterpreted the "of". I kept reading it as a part of the image name. But thanks for the reminder to check the man pages.
    – dot
    Commented Mar 13, 2014 at 17:35
  • Totally understandable ("image of", lol -- whoops), like Gerben says we've all been there. What should tip you off in this case is the error message with the wrong filename.
    – goldilocks
    Commented Mar 13, 2014 at 17:49

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