I am trying to Boot pi4 Board in Network boot without Sdcard for that i have done below steps

1 > sudo rpi-eeprom-config --edit and set as below

BOOT_ORDER=0xf21 - **Try SD first**, followed by **NETWORK then repeat**

2 > vcgencmd bootloader_config - > confirmed its set to 0xf21

3 > poweroff and removed SD card from SD card slot

4 > powerON

Observed boot order is set to 0x41 automatically , please guide me on how to boot without SD card in SD card Slot

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I am able to Switch to Network boot for Pi4 B board be below Steps :

1 > Set EEPROM to Latest Version by setting in UI by command sudo raspi-config 2 > Set BOOT_ORDER=0xf21 3 > Set TFTP_IP= (server TFTP IP can be set any by user) 4 > Remove all files from /boot folder 5 > Reboot

the Client Device will Switch to Network boot as BOOT_ORDER=0xf21


2 - Network mode Boot ( second priority from right to left) 1 - SD card Boot (first priority from right to left)

  • if we want to switch to network boot mode without deleting files inside /boot then remove SD card and set BOOT_ORDER=0xf12 and restart after inserting SD card
    – abhi
    Commented Nov 6, 2023 at 3:57

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