I've just install raspi cam and test raspistill, my first picture's colour is too yellow. Is this camera problem?

sorry if image is too big but it's original

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I suspect it might be a color saturation/white-balance problem. The software will try to adjust for the available light but it doesn't always get it right. Think old web-cam or mobile phone camera. According to the camera documentation, you may want to try playing with -sa argument for saturation, it ranges from -100 to 100. -awb for white balance, try setting it sun or incandescent. (There are other options in the linked manual.)


This is happening due to awb_mode which is set to 'auto' by default.I was facing the same problem and when I set the awb_mode to 'fluorescent' ,the image color was quit natural.

Below is my python code:

from time import sleep
from picamera import PiCamera
camera = PiCamera(resolution=(1280, 720), framerate=30)
# Wait for the automatic gain control to settle
camera.awb_mode = 'fluorescent'
# Finally, take several photos with the fixed settings
camera.capture_sequence(['image%02d.jpg' % i for i in range(10)])

Checkout the difference between the two modes: camera.awb_mode = 'auto' enter image description here

camera.awb_mode = 'fluorescent' enter image description here

You may try out different modes like 'incandescent' or other as per your requirement and settings,below is the list

off: turn off white balance calculation auto: automatic mode (default) sun: sunny mode (between 5000K and 6500K) cloud: cloudy mode (between 6500K and 12000K) shade: shade mode tungsten: tungsten lighting mode (between 2500K and 3500K) fluorescent: fluorescent lighting mode (between 2500K and 4500K) incandescent: incandescent lighting mode flash: flash mode horizon: horizon mode

However 'sun' did not work with my model of raspberry pi camera. I hope this helps :)


Please see the answer at https://raspberrypi.stackexchange.com/a/27548/79508 .

The --awb sun switch to raspstill made the RPI camera have a more natural color.

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