I have code that works for network monitoring OR Time Sync.

When I have both ethernet connections, I can only network monitor. The connection runs through a sharktap so the time sync functionality does not work.

The system necessitates two ethernet connections. One is connected to the sharktap with an Ethernet-to-USB (so timesync functionality no longer works) and the other is connected to the Pi's ethernet port but will not synch time.

I'm building a system to allow power cycling and technicians to remove a USB with logged data that has correct time stamps.

  • Time synchronisation is done by systemd-timesyncd and controlled by timedatectl that uses sntp to go out to an internet timeserver and set the time. It wakes up periodically to check the time is still sync'd. You can replace that with ntpd or chrony as long as you explictly disable systemd-timesyncd with timedatectl.
    – Dougie
    Dec 1, 2023 at 12:31


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