I am using Raspberry pi 3b+ and trying to reduce the boot time from power-on, till the GUI is shown(desktop mode). What basically happens is after power-on it takes some time to show the splash screen and then the GUI.

Now in order to reduce the boot time, I disabled some of the services like Bluetooth, hciuart, Networking and dhcpcd. What I noticed is :

before disabling the services:- time from power on to gui= 30seconds with


3.76s(kernel) + 19.956s(userspace) graphical.target reached after 10.299s

After disabling the services :- time from power on to gui= 30seconds

but with


3.76s(kernel) + 13.956s(userspace) graphical.target reached after 9.299s

I am just curios how the time remains same but in systemd-analyze there is a difference of nearly 7 seconds


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