If I lsusb I see my portable hard drives. If I fdisk -l I do not. More concerning, when I listen closely to the drives that are plugged in, I hear them cycling every few seconds. I have a 5 amp power supply and both drives are USB-3.1. I tried with just one drive and it's the same thing. The pi is fully up to date. What can I do here?

When I run fdisk -l it hangs after the SD card, where I'd expect to see sda and sdb

Both external hard disks behave the same when plugged in by themselves. A thumb drive works as expected. Is the USB3.1 ports really rated appropriately?

Tested both external HDD simultaneously on a Pi4 8GB and it works correctly. What the heck? Need guidance.


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You shouldn't be using fdisk to "see" your portable hard drives. fdisk is a tool for manipulating disk partition tables. Use lsblk --fs.

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