I bought a Raspberry 5: I run the first configuration and everything seems to work. in the past, I had purchased the official 7-inch display for a Raspberry 3: however the display cable (the flexible one) is different for the Raspberry 5 and I decide to buy one so I can connect the display.

After connecting everything via a jumper cable for 5V and one for earth, the screen doesn't seem to work: I disconnect the screen, I try to connect only the Raspberry but this doesn't seem to work either: there is only the steady red light. I tried changing both power and SD (reinstalling the operating system) but all of this doesn't seem to work either. could someone help me?

Thanks in advance.

  • please describe exactly how you connected everything via a jumper cable for 5V and one for earth - i.e. which pins did you connect Commented Feb 3 at 1:48


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