Is there a workable replacement for the gpio readall utility for Pi5?

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When wiringpi was deprecated I wrote a replacement gpioreadall to display gpio status.
This came in a few versions which used a number of gpio libraries none of which work on Pi5.

I wrote a library independent version using the raspi-gpio utility which worked on Raspberry Pi OS but did not work on Bookworm.
I then wrote a version using the pinctrl utility to work on Bookworm - expecting this to work on Pi5. For some inexplicable reason the Pi5 version of pinctrl differs from the Pi4 version!

I have now updated this to work on Pi4/Pi5 and also works on earlier models/OS.

The Pi5 version is slightly different (because it doesn't know mode or value of unallocated pins which are show as blank).

The code can be downloaded from GPIOreadall




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