A common theme and I’ve spend days looking. My pi zero w won’t play my wav file. Ive tried:

Omxplayer Mpg321 Winsound Vlc Pygame

The above (especially pygame) seem to go through the motions but no sound. Pygame runs but in the background there’s a quick flash and it says it can’t play my file (it finds it but can’t play it - this is in a flash - it doesn’t print the error or any error on the command line after finishing).

1 - I have a usb to headphone Jack 2 - My headphones work on the speaker-check - all fine in both ears 3 - I’ve sorted raspi-config to play through 3.5 Jack and not hdmi 4 - I’ve looked at ALSA mixer and it’s not on mute 5 - I’ve unhashed the audio on command in the config.text file.

Any ideas? Maybe grab a test wav file from my pi folder(where are they?)

1st time here so apologies if format etc incorrect.

Thanks in advance

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if anyone else struggles with this I found this link and for some reason it works while all other coding doesn’t. Check this out if can’t play wav and mp3 files:


Also one of my wav files was corrupted so I downloaded some free sounds effect but that wasn’t the main issue.

Whatever it was , the above worked so hope someone else may benefit.



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