I recently bought new rasp board. I had about year old board and with sdcard running OpenElec Frodo version. I plugged that SD card in my new board and tried to boot up. I believe it should work as whole FS is on SD card.

Am I making some mistake? In case, if i have to flash new sd card, how do I transfer all of my settings (HDMI etc.) from old to new one, which is really 'PITA'


You should just be able to plug in the card.

If for some reason that doesn't work, according to this post, you should be able to copy /storage/.config/ from one OpenELEC SD card to another. It looks like that may be Linux formatted though, so you'd need access to a Linux system to do that. (You could use another SD card to boot the Pi in Rasbpian, and a USB SD card adapter.)

If you've made changes to config.txt, you can simply copy that file across to the new card once OpenELEC is installed as well.

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