As the minimal requirements for Raspberry Pi 5 is 5V / 3 amps, better 5 amps, this is a very unusual supply on USB-C with not so many options to find a matching supply (despite the recommended one).

To reuse existing supplies "in the wild", a 2 amp limit on 5V would be useful.

How can I underclock (and disbable features) on RaspberryPi OS to keep consumption in a 2 amps limit, right from switching on?

  • Interesting question. Just out of curiosity, what do you hope to gain from an under-clocked RPi5 that you couldn't get from an RPi4 or even a RPi3? It's difficult to take this question seriously without your explanation of that. In any case, I doubt that the Raspberry Organization has published much that would help with an answer... which means you'll be doing some experimentation and measurement on your own.
    – Seamus
    Apr 3 at 2:30

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There are lots of 3A supplies.

The Pi5 will quite happily run on a less powerful supply (provided it outputs a well regulated 5V - which many aren't because they are designed to charge batteries where regulation is less stringent).

You do not need 3A provided you do not connect demanding peripherals and under clocking will not have much impact because the demand is managed by load.

  • Yes, there are, in the market, 3A supplies. But there are also, on my table none of them, but a large bunch of %V 2A supplies - because this seem to be usual, especially for the 5V mode of PD supplies that can supply much more power only at higher voltage.
    – dronus
    Apr 11 at 14:45

Edit /boot/cmdline.txt and add maxcpus=N

Where N is in range 1 to 4.

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