I want to send values from an RPi to a DAC in order to generate an analog signal. The DAC is 16 bits, and I'm using the py-spidev library. Let's say I have a pre-prepared list of 1000 16-bit values that I want to send, and I want a signal to last exactly 1 second, which means 1 ms to send each value. Is there any way to define this timing using the xfer function, for example? Using time.sleep or a loop doesn't help because I don't get the necessary temporal precision. Additionally, the chip select (CS) must activate for each 16 bits. Any other ideas are welcome.

  • pigpio should be capable of this (using waves, not spidev). For pigpio to work you need a Pi earlier than the Pi5 model.
    – joan
    Apr 3 at 6:59


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