Sorry for my English, but I will try :)

I need help with working with RFID reader RC522 (like this). I connected it to Pi with help of this manual, but I cant write right code on Java and Pi4J, which will read data from cards with help of rc522, and use MOSI/MISO pins. Other manuals use serial port for get data, but I need use MISO.

Is it real? I cant understand which type of "RaspiPin" I should use for MOSI/MISO pins? Have anybody projects on github, which work with MOSI/MISO (12/13 gpio pins) and Pi4J?

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As you might know ,you will need pin 19 21 23 which are mosi miso sclk respectively .This is the SPI port on raspi.Have a look in these links.

and last but not least google> spi pi4j

also adding a PiFace which is compatible with pi4j and has a full api ready for you.


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