I have been having a lot of trouble extablishing a bluetooth connection between my iOS phone and a Raspberry Pi Pico W using bluetooth. I have taken a look at a lot of online resources on the matter but am making little progress.

At this point, I am;

  1. Trying to connect the Pico W with my phone through Bluetooth
  2. Trying to Pico connect with and eventually display something on the 'Bluetooth Serial' iOS application.

I tried to do this through two codes: 1.

#include <BluetoothSerial.h>
#include <SerialBT.h>

void setup(){

void loop(){
  for(byte i=0; i<10; i++){
   Henry Abrahamsen
   Simple code using the basic features of Bluetooth Serial
   Details available at https://docs.henhen1227.com/

#include <BluetoothSerial.h>

#define bluetoothModuleSerial Serial1

// Create a BluetoothSerial object
// Serial port that the bluetooth module is connected
// Verbose mode: true
BluetoothSerial blueSerial(bluetoothModuleSerial, true);

void setup() {
  // Start communication with bluetooth device

  Serial.println("Setup Complete");

void loop() {

  // If the button with id `B0`
  if (blueSerial.isButtonPressed(0)) {
    Serial.println("The button `B0` has been pressed!");

    // Send alert to the BluetoothSerial Connect App
    blueSerial.sendAlert("Hello from the Arduino");

But in both of these cases, I cannot even see the picoW show up in the bluetooth settings of my phone. It came up a couple of times (out of the 100 times I tried) and in both cases when i tried to pair it from the settings, it said the phone does not support this kind of device.

I don't understand what is going wrong. Should I perhaps write the code differently? I can find resources on bluetooth connections with micopython but I am not that familiar with the language and am new to arduino IDE too so I have no idea how to adapt it. All in all, I am pretty lost so I would appreciate all guidance.

Eventually, I would want a button pressed (connected to the pico) to act an an input in an application I made with reactNative which is why it is important to establish a connection of some sort between the pico and the app on the phone. I am open to doing this on wifi too if it is more suitable. All help is appreciated. Thank you all so much.

  • you have to put ``` on a separate blank line for the code formatting to work ... please edit your post
    – jsotola
    Commented May 19 at 18:01
  • iOS doesn't support Bluetooth Classic serial. The app you are using has been designed to work with a HM-10 module that uses the new Bluetooth GATT server characteristics to emulate the tx and rx lines. What is your hardware setup? Do you have an HM-10 module attached? Or are you attempting to do this with the Pico's built in Bluetooth?
    – ukBaz
    Commented Jun 2 at 5:22


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