I had a Pi Zero. I broke it and the SD card, then bought a Pi Zero 2 and installed raspbian v 12 (bookworm).

Now when I try to import devs.py in separate processes, I get lgpio.error: 'GPIO busy'.


from gpiozero import OutputDevice
devs = (


import code
import devs

code.interact(local={ 'devs': devs })

The daemon that starts at boot via /etc/rc.local:

import devs

while True:

This is extremely inconvenient. Now every time I need to ssh into the pi and open a shell, I have to comment out the rc.local file and reboot.

I never had this problem when I was using the Pi Zero, so it must have something to do with configuration or the newer OS install.

How can I import devs.py in separate, running processes?

  • WHY would anyone use an obsolete SysV tool rc.local on a systemd OS? What is do_something()?
    – Milliways
    Commented Jul 2 at 0:08

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Perhaps use a different backend for gpiozero. lgpio uses the /dev/gpiochip interface to the GPIO rather than the deprecated sysfs interface. The /dev/gpiochip interface only allows one process to access a GPIO at any one time.

Both RPi.GPIO and pigpio should work as backends on a Pi Zero.

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