I want to read at leat 4 Rotary quadrature Encoder outsourced in an external chip. The Rpi4 should not be included in the counting process. In the past there was the encoder HAT from Robogaia for 90€. It was using SPI-Interface. But all thats left is the python driver. No hardware anymore. I have one PCB but i need more of them, also for future development. Its not worth to write an embedded c driver for just one PCB. Does somebody know an encoder HAT for Rpi4 that i can buy, that is also available in the future? A working C driver would be a big plus.


+5V tolerant

encoder signals: two channel (A/B) with or without inverse A/B, impulse per turn (with/without inverse)

communication-interface: SPI, I²C, ... (something to use in embedded system)

A FPGA HAT would be also possible, cause we may need it for other stuff.

What I found on the internet: There are possibilities with an MCP23008 chip discussed here. But thats not a HAT i can buy and use.

There is also OctoQuad, but its not 5V tolerant and has no input per turn (calculating turn due to increments is not an option, cause its just a driver [set of increments per turn cant be changed in GUI])

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The direct alternative to Robogaia-PCB is this one. Its the same PCB. pricing is unknown yet.

I also found a PCB based on the LS7366R, the MIKROE-1917. The same chip is used in Robogaia project.

Its just 1 channel, but for the price its relatively cheap. I would use 6 PCB's with SPI-Bus in parallel, except Chip-select line. It's 5V tolerant, have channel A/B plus I signale (one per turn)

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