Can I use sobel edge detection or canny algorithm to detect edges in my RPI.

Can any give me any link to how to accomplish this and what the prerequisites are for doing this?

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I would advise you to check out http://opencv.org/ It has that and a lot more.

Here's a link with information on how to install OpenCV on your RaspberryPi.

  • i have used this edge code found online ..i have logitech webcam .. i typed the code in python and ran and has no errors in the code .. but i am getting a blank dialog box .. i am not sure whether webcam is capturing the image or the problem with the code ..
    – Sushanthhj
    Apr 2, 2014 at 17:38

Strictly to the process of detecting edges you can use Sobel for straigh vertical or horizontal lines and Canny Edge Detector for general borders.

Here the related webpages:



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