I am working on a project using the Raspberry Pi model B and the Raspberry Pi CSI camera module (RaspiCam).

The problem is, captured image area when I'm using raspicam_test which in the raspicam library version 0.1.1 is different than when I'm using raspistill command. The captured image from raspicam_test is got crop and resized. Any idea how to solve this?

Here is the example of captured images

enter image description here

and this one is when im using raspistill command enter image description here

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    Can you include the command lines you're using for each?
    – TomG
    Apr 19 '14 at 14:29

To crop the image in picamera use camera.resolution = (310,200)

Try this Code:

from time import sleep
import picamera

camera = picamera.PiCamera()

#Normal Size of Image
#camera.resolution = (1280,640)

# Cropped Image 
camera.resolution = (310,200)


Hope this will help. Cheers!

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