I've been instructed to load ubuntu on a raspberry file. I was told

"The Ubuntu image for the Raspberry pi called ‘Soft-float Debian wheezy'

Is that different from the Debian Wheezy I see on the raspberrypi.org downloads link?

Is that the same?

If its not the same where can i download the soft float debian wheezy?

EDIT: I believe the author's intent is to ask:

I've been instructed to load 'soft-float Debian Wheezy' onto my Raspberry Pi computer. However, when I search for 'soft-float Debian Wheezy' I am not able to find any distributions with exactly that name.

Is there a difference between 'Debian Wheezy' and 'Soft-Float Debian Wheezy'?

Can I install 'Debian Wheezy' and then apply an update and/or install something to make a 'soft-float' version of Debian Wheezy?

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For earlier raspberry pi models (not ARMv7+), you will want soft float. Otherwise known as armel


This is not Ubuntu! It is a very basic command line version of Debian, the newer one (jessie) is here http://ftp.debian.org/debian/dists/jessie/main/installer-armel/current/images/versatile/netboot


No current version of Ubuntu can run on the Raspberry Pi. Ubuntu only support later ARM architectures.

Debian soft-float is no longer available for download from raspberrypi.org. The last version they had is mirrored at ftp://ftp.mirrorservice.org/sites/downloads.raspberrypi.org/images/debian/7/2013-05-29-wheezy-armel/2013-05-29-wheezy-armel.zip

Raspbian (rather cheekily called Debian Wheezy) is a recompilation of the Debian packages for hard-float. It is not soft-float and as far as I'm aware is not supported by Debian.


It is important to understand the "Ubuntu" and "Debian" and "Debian Wheezy" and "Raspbian" are the names of different GNU/Linux distributions.

A "distribution" is a particular set of files used to install that version or "flavor" of GNU/Linux.

The next important thing to understand is that when you say "raspberry file" what you probably mean is a "Raspberry Pi" - and this is a particular computer - the hardware part only.

So, what you are likely attempting to do is install the soft-float version of Debian Wheezy onto your Raspberry Pi computer.

As noted above by @joan:

Raspbian is the more formal name for Debian Wheezy. You can find the official website for Raspbian at raspbian.org.

Further, @joan states that the soft-float version of this GNU/Linux distribution is no longer a currently released version, and by visiting the FTP site in her answer, you can get the older version.

The raspbian.org website also includes a brief FAQ document that explains a bit about soft-float binary code vs. hard-float in regard to how these are methods for mathematical operations and how they implemented - which might impact the compatibility or performance of the programs you want to run on the computer.

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