I just bought the Raspberry Pi NOOBS kit, and at boot I got an error screen saying that it isn't connected to the Internet and so it can't load the OS images.

I can't press on Quit or Install.

How do I install the OS offline?

And how do I quit? So I can buy an Ethernet cable to connect it to the Internet.


You can power off the Raspberry Pi without any issues at this point. You should take a look at NOOBS Setup | Raspberry Pi on how to install your OS.

The direct link to the last NOOBS image (offline and network install) is http://downloads.raspberrypi.org/NOOBS_latest.

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    It's worth clarifying here that there are two versions of NOOBS, one big one with all the OS images inside it, and one very little one (presumably this is what @sangino has) which is just able to download the other images.
    – francis
    May 15 '14 at 13:38

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