I'm running OpenELEC 3.2.0 on Raspberry Pi
I'm trying to customize bashrc, the same way that we create/edit ~/.bashrc in individual GNU/Linux distributions. Which doesn't seem to be working on OpenELEC

I tried these paths:


But none of them seem to be working
(And /storage is the only place that we can customize things, since root partition is read-only)

# printenv 

shows that sh is the default shell, not bash! sh executes the /storage/.profile on ssh login.

here's my quick & dirty hack to switch to bash. make sure you have the /storage/.bashrc file and that it's error free.

# cat /storage/.profile
exec bash & source /storage/.bashrc
  • Thanks, that solved my problem. Just one more question: why bash functions aren't working? (I can move them into separate scripts of course, but I like to know why) – saeedgnu May 21 '14 at 21:08
  • @ilius Can you give an example? – Michael D. May 21 '14 at 21:50

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